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2- 8- 2011 David Squires
 I was re-reminded of Hoovers Magic again, and wanted to share it...
About 2 weeks ago we had the pleasure of sitting with Nancy at a Staples Boys Varsity Basketball Game. My Step-son D Scanlan wears #14 in tribute to Hoover, and Nanc wanted to show her support. She also had a little gift for me. Lost in the shuffle from 3 years ago, was a Christmas present from Hoover to me. It was easily recognizable as a CD, and my wife, Arlene, suggested i keep it wrapped and labled in his memory. Good thought, but i had a better one; Open It and Blast It! Boy, am i glad i did. I just finished listning to Los Lonely Boys, and man, does it ever ROCK!!! It turned an otherwise lackluster afternoon into a  party. It changed a grey midwinter day into a Labor Day nite on Hoovers back porch.  And, it also gave me a tear-filled smile. Wow, has it really been 3 years...?  Hoovers Magic Still Abides...   PS, Staples Varsity is on an 8 game winning streak, had a HUGE 1 point victory last night over a tough opponent, and are a ton of fun to watch! Catch a game if you can !

What a CREW!! Hoover is proud & appreciative of his dear FRIENDS, MHD - Missing Hoover Daily! Mogie & 911 we gave Nancy a Hug for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coop you're the leading MVP candidate!! Go Hookers!! Good luck to all. Uly

12-10-2010 Still missing you so ! I love you - Gail Delaney

March 2010 from dave squres..... My stepson D Scanlan, (Junior at Staples) is applying to boarding school, and was asked to submit an essay on an influential person in his life. I was very proud that he chose our friend Hoover. He wrote the essay himself, and it was edited by his brother Matt (Junior at Dickinson). *Please accept the "changes" to the story that were added for dramatic effect. Call it Poetic Licence...  Hoovers Magic still Rules!!!     ~~CELEBRATE EVERYTHING D Scanlin's Tribute to Hoover


Here's wishing Hoover's People a healthy and love-filled holiday season. Marna and I continue to miss Hoover daily. And Uly, you're so right. Many friends wish we were able to join you guys at Dunvilles on special nights like this last December 10. Some friends and I are playing music here in Santa Rosa tonight. We'll be sure to include plenty of raw blues in Hoover's honor. Love, Bunny

Happy Holidays... David Squires
Just ran into Dana at the Fancy Pants Coffee Shop in Darien, and exchanged some Hoovage stories. My step-son "D" Scanlan is playing Varsity Basketball at Staples (he's a Junior), and when they were assigning numbers, he almost came to blows with another player to get #14. He was determined to wear that number in tribute to Hoover who was a great role model to D. When i saw him playing at Staples home opener last night, he had on #22. When i asked him what happened, he told me there was only #14 in one color jersey, and now you have to have the same number in both home and away games, so no one got it. But... he has #14 hand written on his sneakers in magic marker!   Hoovers Magic Lives On!!!!
                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    

From Uly .... Yes “some” of “Hoover’s Boys” celebrated at Dunvilles this past Thursday for Hoover’s 55th birthday but Only "Some
We did have a Blast!!!
Many of his many dear friends were unable to attend so the list of
his inner circle of “Hoover’s boys” and “Hoover’s women” is very
long and impressive;
Chip Stephens who keeps this website updated was always there for Hoover
with any technology issue or need.
So many people helped him live his life to the fullest starting with his great parents, Milo and Nancy, and family.
Some, and just some of his greatly supportive friends included; Mark “Jake” Hinkle, Mike “Z”  Zeoli and their fantastic wives, Jean & Cindy.  Mike, Billy & Deidre Kashetta were always there as was David & Arlene Squires,
John Cooper, Al & Kim Fiore, Mark Pocius, Bob “Half-a –Buck”& Kim Iannaconne, Mark Cyzsinski, Shane& Jodie Kennedy, Rick “Bunny” & Marna Hill and Andy “Be Quick but Don’t Hurry” Hill, Karen “Nurse” Rockey, Dale & Danni Corrigan, Dale, Billie Sue & "The Boys" Hollingsworth, Matt "Duke" & Mary Mcguire, Rick Burke, Dave "Package" Reynolds............
This is just a small sample list of all the many friends that loved Hoover.
He certainly provided us with much love and guidance.
I felt that clarification of my earlier reference to “Hoover’s Boys” was necessary. His impact on us is memorable while his spirit lives on.
Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all.  Take it slow!!

From Ules..... Hoover’s Boys; Dana Hollingsworth, Brian McGeady, Peter Corrigan, Tommy Kolkoski, Pete McCulloch,
Kevin Clark, Johnnie Kondub & I had a great time last night celebrating his 55th birthday at Dunvilles.
In his honor I chose “surf & turf”.  Had a few bites of the lobster tail, looked away at the tv and found that my lobster
had vanished.  It could only mean that Hoover still has a voracious appetite for seafood and …..
Co-MVP’s were Dana who generously picked up the bill and my Son, Griffin who drove me to and from Dunville’s.
We all had some great laughs and toasts to our dear friend Hoover.
Merry Xmas  and Happy Holidays to all.
Take it slow!!!T   Bob Uly

Heads up !!!!   Hoov’s 55th birthday is next Thursday,  Dec. 10th.   Appropriately it falls on “Paddle Night” so come down and helps us celebrate it at Dunvilles. We usually role in around 8:30pm.  Hope to see you there.   Cheers,  Dana

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Hoover was so blessed to have you all for his friends and I truly feel the same to this day.  The Wilder family has so much to be thankful for!
With love to all,   Nancy,     

From Sherry Tarent November 4, 2009 

I turned 50 on September 8th and two weeks ago I got the swine flu (H1N1 as to not offend a any pigs).  I guess the birthday and the days in bed started me down memory lane - some long forgotten.  I started to think about all the guys at the "Swamp" - Danbury Ave (many of you will be glad that you did not come up on my memory lane Internet search).  I thought about the summer "girl" recruits every memorial day from Compo (only to expire on labor day).  The eight weddings I (we) went to in one summer. Then the long term memory kicked in and I really started to reminisce...the good, the bad and the ugly.....Oh, but the fun! My son, Hunter, is 17, a star Football player at a private Catholic School.  He is young, handsome and a passionate sports fan.  I bore my son (and my husband) with stories of my past, I tell them of the cast of characters that have shaped my life.I tell them about Hoover. I met Hoover in 1979, I was 19, he was 25.  I was introduced to Hoover, I think for inspection.  I must have passed because for the next 6 plus years he gave me crap, a sure sign of Hoover liking you. He was a very big part my life.  I look back and I think....I never thought of him as being handicap, I mean other than the obvious it just never occurred to me - maybe because it didn't occur to him. He was a world class gossip, an animated and passionate sports fan, pounding his fist and proclaiming for all to hear "unbelievable, unbelievable".  He was demanding especially as a "back seat driver", a bit sly and lets face it the dirtier the joke the better! Peter and he bickered like an old married couple.I was too young to appreciate the loyalty and friendship that surrounding Hoover and gathered often at his home on Manitou. I look at his website and not only do I see the many faces of my youth, I see an unbelievable group of friends that made Hoovers life one of envy.In closing, I have two very clear images of Hoover (remember this was 25 years ago). 1) Every month Hoover would spend as long as it took to find the Playboy Bunny that was hidden on the front cover of every months magazine - of which he subscribed (who knew?) and 2) the, ahhhhh, thick smoke in his room and Hoover not daring to exhale because his Mom, Nancy, had scurried in the room for something - like she didn't know! Life comes at all of us and the only difference between people is how they handle their lot.  Hoover took control of his life by slapping down adversity, he made it beautiful, he made it fun, he lived in the moment, he lived his life fully and with joy.Somewhere above in a Giants sweatshirt he is cussing at a flat screen propped perfectly on a cloud!God Bless to all of you and God Bless Hoover,

Sherry Tarrant A Proud Supporter of the Hoover Wilder Fan Club, circa 1980's
Boise, Idaho (GO Boise State #5)                                                         

May 21, 2009 from Uly

Jimmy "Moonman' Deegan was honored last night in Norwalk as a 2009 Sportsmen of Westport award winner.

I had the true pleasure of introducing Jimmy to the crowd of 250.He was a great teammate to Hoover, Mark Cizynski and others,

including myself.  The old pickup basketball games that Paul "Mogie" Mogren, Tommy "T" Kolkoski, Brian "Geady" McGeady, Dana "Holl" Hollingsworth and Hoover played daily became even more legendary after I finished pontificating.

Jimmy and his family had a great evening and we all sensed Hoover's applauding spirit.

 Take it Slow!!


May 6th 2009  from John Kondub

There were a couple of moments yesterday at the Fire Department tournament that made me realize how lucky I am to have the friends that I have and that how Hoover was the master link to the chain of friendships that I value so highly. He used to get really excited when the Total Package would hit a shot that was reminiscent of those memorable Staples High Golf days.  Inevitably he and I would give Robert a lot of static about how Marc Zuckerman would be proud of him and that he was back to being called All State instead of All Done…..Scott would have smiled yesterday watching  the Uly Display.  Dana did leave out one important note from yesterday. Every tournament when our team reached the 12th hole, inevitably Scott would say leave the 2nd shot below the hole. I think we all said it yesterday at the same time…..only one guy did leave it below the hole…..he (yours truly)  was laughing too much to himself before he it and dumped it in the trap.


May 5 2009  from Dana

Hoov was smiling down on us today.  Ules, T, Johnny and I brought home the trophy for the second time in 3 years.  The last time we won it,  Hoov was following us on the course helping read putts and encouraging us with unlimited wisdom.  Fittingly on the last hole (#12) we all talked about how he'd say on the approach shot, "keep it below the hole".  None of us did BUT Bobby landed a wedge 2 ft above it.  T sank the putt to put us 9 under and in the money !!!!!  Ules was MVP and T Most Improved Putter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Here is the only picture taken today...we forgot to take the team photo so this is the best we could do. 
Take it Slow



To all those here to remember Hoover, thanks for visiting and thanks even more to those who send in their thoughts.  I am happy to maintain this memorial to our friend as long as it is visited and reminds of the glue that Hoover is in keeping his circle of friends together. I know Nancy is here regularly and from the site stats many of you are too.  Here is to Scott, ..... take it slow..        


1-26-2009   Ciz

A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter, he who finds one finds a treasure.


A faithful friend is beyond price, no sum can balance his worth.


A faithful friend  is a life-saving remedy.   Missing you.  



1-31-2009     On the anniversary of your ascension, I happened to be in Westport for a meeting, I happened to tune into Staples Radio, which I've never tuned into before, I happened to hear their play list that day which was straight from your library - all your music, and I accidentally hit your number in my cell phone speed dial. 

OK, I get it!   You're always with me.

Love,  Dale


1-30-2009     Wow, a year?  Is that even possible?  I miss you, Sweet Prince…..still thinking about you, wishing we could be emailing each other funny emails and sharing our faith.  You are with us still, my friend, in our hearts and thoughts.

I love you,  Gail (Delaney)


1-28-2009    Johnny Kondub

Paul Mogren so aptly said it almost a year ago, “little “Scotty Wilder had a big impact on all of us who were privileged to call him a friend. I know for a fact this his “dream “team missed their captain and his leadership at the annual PAL golf tournament. That day was always one of his biggest events on his calendar and it was a real touch of class that the President of the PAL acknowledged his passing and his absence that day.

A lot of his friends know about his love of the rotisserie / fantasy sports leagues he was involved in, especially his own creation, the FCSBA which revolves around the whole PGA Tour golf season. He was and always will be the commissioner of the League. Mark Hinkle and I still talk and laugh about the draft day we had in late December 2007 for the 2008 season. That will always be my lasting memory of Hoover, getting roasted by his friends, firing back insults at Jake and his loyal assistant commissioner. All done in manner that only the best of friends could do it ,with a lots of laughs  and just having a good time .It almost seems to surreal that the team he picked and that his loyal partner Mogie managed ended up winning the title ( just like the Giants) in the last 2 weeks of the season.

 To say that his presence is missed by all of us is the understatement of the year.  I am so glad that we had  him for so long  and that we all got to share a lot of the finer times in life with him



1-27 2009   Christine

Pete tells me it was a year ago yesterday that our Hoover left us...I just stand there looking at him thinking "you have had too many beers" it CAN'T be a YEAR!....he has just returned from Nancy's leaving her with a bouquet of flowers & a note.... Nancy is at the gym (i spotted her entering!) but she calls us later on to thank us for the bouquet & lovely note...is it just me? or does it feel like only days have past since he left us?
Missing Hoovy tons,