Hoover Stories and Legends  CHAPTER 2

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12-11-2008      Love you and miss you.  Gail Delaney

12-10-08       HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOOVER!!!!! JELL-O SHOTS ALL AROUND!!  Love you and miss you.  Gail Delaney


11-25-08    Missed Hoover's Thanksgiving shindig at Peppermill  In '98 my wife Karen had just passed away and the party was my link to happy reality.  Does anyone else think of the weirdness of:

-  loosing Hoover this year

-  the Allman Bros not playing for the first time in decades in NYC this year

-  the closing of the Peppermill this year

Hoover we all miss ya !    Chip


A summer "Hoover" treat from Brian McGeady

“Jello Shots”

Personally supervised, tested, and approved by Hoover 

1.      Purchase 1 ¼ oz paper soufflé cups.  250 count package for $4.58 at Restaurant Supply.  Party City will charge you $3.99 for 24 (BAD DEAL!)

2.      Purchase Vodka and Tequila per taste preference

3.      Purchase 3 oz boxes of Jello in preferred colors; you really can’t taste the Jello.

4.      Preferred colors are green and orange for Tequila and red and purple for Vodka.  People are very selective to their colors and flavors.

5.      Use container with pouring spout

6.      Stir in one cup of boiling water over Jello, stir until dissolved.

7.      In place of one cup of cold water, substitute one cup of liquor.  Stir and let cool down.

8.      DO NOT pour hot Jello mix into soufflé cups.  They will melt.

9.      Put Jello mix into refrigerator to cool down

10.  When cooled, pour mix into soufflé cup.  Each box produces approximately 15 shots.

11.  Put trays of Jello Shots in refrigerator to cool and harden.

12.  Biggest obstacle is refrigerator space to cool, buy groceries after the party.  If time is a problem substitute freezer for speedier cooling.

13.  Upon Jello hardening, let the party begin.  Be careful

a.       “TAKE IT SLOW!”  Too many can cause adverse effects. (Thanks for taking my keys Uls.)

b.      Our new entry debuted at the Super Bowl part is our “Malibu Berry Blue” Jello shot.  Hoovers FAVORITE Malibu coconut rum and Berry Blue Jello.  It’s very good and Hoover would have loved it.   All inquiries and comments can be addressed to Jello Shot Headquarters @JelloShot.Yum



Dear Nancy,

On behalf of the past and current  “Dream Team” we can’t thank you enough for your strength, friendship, love,  and understanding (putting up with us for many years) !!!!!

We all love and MISS Hoover.  Yesterday during the Firemen’s golf outing we talked about how Hoov was still with us and following us around the course   He loved to read putts and without failure always advised us on  # 12 to leave our approach shot  BELOW THE HOLE (we did)!!!

He was and still is the best swing coach and putt reader.   However the most critical decision he ever made was in last years outing when after a non eventful front 9 he dispatched  Pete the Canadian (Asst Coach and #1 fan)  to retrieve the 4 month old jello shots (thanks ‘’Geady)  from your downstairs refrigerator !!!!!  After multiple shots (luckily none of us came down with botulism or plague) we birdied the last 8 out of 9 holes and won the tourney !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We’ve all heard about the famous line,  “Win one for the Gipper”….well I can still hear Hoov saying,  “Pete, take the cart and go get the jello shots”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yesterday we played OK but very lethargic on  the front 9.   Our new coach, “Pete the Canadian”  made a strategic lineup change on the back 9 which propelled us to an awesome “in the $$$” finish.  The unanimous MVP was Johnny and I know Hoov was smiling at the selection.

 We all look forward to many more comments and reflections but none is more moving and heartfelt than yours.  You are the BEST !!!!!

 Get ready for the Policemen’s tourney  !   Dana



A special note from Hoovers Mom


     I doubt you can possibly imagine how much it means to me to have this fantastic

Website that Chip set up and so many of you have contributed to for Hoover.  The stories,

The pictures and the very heartwarming memories have helped me more than I can ever

Convey.  From the wonderful memorial service eulogies, to Dan’s great newspaper article,

To everyone from Dani, age 7, on up who have shared and still are , and now a car in his honor,

I’m so grateful to each one of you.  I have to admit that I have read and reread and still do all

That you have written many times over and it fills a real void for me and makes me really feel

Good about Hoover’s life.

      I always knew how very fortunate Hoover was to have so many wonderful friends, but to

Have you all express yourselves the way that you have either on the website or through your

Thoughtfulness towards me is really overwhelming  Thank you all so much!!  Hoover said to

Me in the hospital he felt he was the luckiest person in the world and without a doubt you

Are all proving this to be true.             




Monday May 5th - Fireman's Tournament
Hoover's Dream Team
Personally selected by Hoover
The team has changed over the years
Team members know who you are
Current members, and this will never change, are as follows;
In no particular order;
1. Bob Uly
2. Thomas Kolkosky
3. Dana Hollingsworth
4. John Kondub
The batting order may change but the team will not waver.
This team is no stranger to a large gallery.
Pete M



Hey Griff,

I can’t think of a greater tribute to Hoover than building a car in his honor.  He would have loved it !

In fact,  I known he’s checking out your progress and smiling. 

Thanks for keeping his memory alive.   I can’t wait to see the pictures when it’s done.

Take it Slow ,  Dana



Patricia Slesinski [Patdepalma@comcast.net]

any plans in place for the scott inspired reunion?



From Griff Uly:

I don’t know if you have talked to my dad lately but I just recently purchased a project car in honor of Hoover... Its a 1991 VW GTI with a VR6 Turbo in it. I’m building this car because I remember Hoover always used to talk about the classic, older GTI’s, and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for him... The car is far from finished currently, but most of the nitty-gritty work is complete... I hope to have it done by July 2008 :) Its gonna strictly be a ‘track rat’ and will rarely see daily driving (except maybe on weekends haha). I hope to make 320 horsepower at the wheels in a little 2000 pound car. This will be a drag car basically that will knock Viper’s off the road :)




A Dream   In February, Peter, Dani and I took a trip to the sunny beaches of South Florida.  I had this dream when we were there: 

Hoover is sitting in the middle of row of blue stadium style seats.  It’s a beautiful day for an outdoor concert.  A few people are sitting in other seats and others are milling about in joyful banter with friends.    There’s an air of excitement and anticipation.  This is going to be an awesome concert! 

Hoover looks great!  He’s wearing nice new blue jeans, white sneakers, a blue shirt and a shy Hoover smile.  He is just so handsome!  I see him and am so excited!!!  I rush over to him, leaning over to throw my arms around his shoulders and bury my face into his neck.  I start sobbing.  I’m just so happy to see him and so overwhelmed that he’s moved on.  He puts his strong arms up around me.  He’s not in his wheelchair and his arms feel so reassuring.  He’s completely peaceful, happy, wise and wonderful.  He’s comforting me because he knows how hard it is for those of us who are still here missing those who have gone, but he radiates sublime calm, content and joy.  And I keep crying because I love him so much – I’m so happy to be hugging him and I feel so comforted by him. 

I had this dream in February and it's one of the kind that you can go back to because it's so vivid.  And I do go back to it a lot.  I find that no matter how busy I am, as soon as moment opens up, I'll find tears rolling down my face.  I just say, "Oh, Hoover."  The tears roll for me, not him.  He is amazing - and there is a whole lot I want to write when I am ready.  For now, I can only say that he is with me - and you.  He was with me on the plane to Dubai.  He was with me on the harbor docks in Boston last week.  He's always with me in the car - I think I can just hit the speed dial on my cellphone for a quick check-in, then I realize, nope - it's different now. So I check in anyway - in the new way.  And the tears roll.  And that's OK.



From Bob Uly:

Hoover was a dear friend and inspiration for many years and great memories will last forever. Here are some pictures from some of those moments. At Compo with my son Griffin during the 4th of July 1995. Hoover riding copilot to Peter Corrigan in the Saab convertible with Mike Kashetta in the back. BBQ at Rick and Marana Hills in Wilton with Hoover telling us how to cook lobster while Pete Corrigan and Dave Squires and I chuckle. Hoover with the late Jerry Tuuccinardi at a Patterson Club event with golf pro John Cooper, Pete and I. The infamous golf captain of an earlier "almost dream team" with Clark, Tom Krygier, John Condub and me.  So many great times. I am lucky like all his many dear friends to have had Hoover touch our lives.  His spirit is among us !




From Dani Jayne Corrigan, Age 7   Dani dictated this to me today.  It's all her.  Dale

I appreciate having a godfather as generous as Hoover.  I could tell that I meant so much to him.  When I used to visit him, the first thing I noticed would be the smile on his face when I entered the room.  Frequently, he would offer me some red licorice he stored in a bucket.  When I was about three years old, I found the little toy cars he had interesting.  He stored them in a shoebox and when I stopped by to visit, I would pull them out of the closet and begin curiously admiring the cars.  Hoover kept a golden retriever named Trudy and then eventually Dailey replaced her.  Hoover would remind me of sections where the dogs like to be pet.  He would also send me interesting picture- emails.  They had adorable pictures of animals - for instance cute dogs and cats.  I am glad Hoover is my godfather and wherever he is, he will always be my hero.  I bet he is still feeling glad about the Giants winning the Super Bowl.  I have a feeling the NY Giants wouldn’t have had as much luck if Hoover hadn’t been cheering for them. When I think of him, I will always think of him smiling.



Cheers from Dana

I think about Hoover at least 100 times each day.  What a guy.   I love going to this site and reading everyone’s thoughts.  Keep them coming !!!!!!

Here is a story about  Hoov when he was about 16 years old:    My sister and her fiancé at the time (Kenny) asked Hoover  to drive them to and from their wedding.  A great honor for sure.   Rumor has it that  Hoov was laying a few patches on the way back from the church to our house were the reception was held.

In addition,  Hoover was put in charge of the champagne which was stored in our basement.  His job was to make sure that the adult’s glasses were always full.   Talk about putting the Fox in charge of the Hen House…..  Of course Hoov performed his duties very well.  In addition,  every teenager (myself included)  was all over the stuff which Hoov was guarding with an iron fist.

By the end of the evening Hoover was like “Radar O’Rielly” from the TV show MASH.  He was the MAN !!!!!   

I like to think of this occurrence as an early sign of Hoover’s incredible talent to throw great parties.  No one will forget his Labor Day and Thanksgiving celebrations.   I’m sure he will be very happy if we keep the tradition going.   By the way,  I have a craving for a Jell-O shot right now…unfortunately it’s only 9:08am

p.s.  My email address is : danaholl@hotmail.com      p.p.s.  Per Cammie’s idea and Ed’s offer to help , we definitely need to do a golf outing (co-ed).   Everyone I’ve mentioned it to would love to do it also.   Count me in.



Cammie mentioned getting a golf outing together in honor of Hoover, I would like to help put it together, as this is what I do for a living with Conde'Nast Publications/Golf Digest.....
 Let me know
   Ed Cribari     eamerta2002@yahoo.com



From: Holly Wilder
The second the giants won the super bowl I could have sworn that Hoover was right next to me, jumping up and down and yelling just like I was. I know that where ever he was, he must have been doing that with a bunch of his friends. The Giants definitely won it for Hoover!
    I will always remember walking into Hoover's room after selling golf balls right out his back yard on hole number three of the golf course, with a huge smile on my face and telling him how much money we had made. He would always be astounded and ask us about all the details. I always loved coming to Nama and Hoover's as their house came to be called in my mind because Hoover was always there and always making everyone smile. I loved eating a family dinner and listening to him tell stories and jokes and make hilarious faces. My favorite was when he would always pretend to fall asleep on Christmas while we were opening our presents. I loved riding on the back of his chair when i was little and playing pin ball on his computer. I remember, when I was about 7 or 8, finding out that his name was not actually Hoover, that it was Scott. But I of course still called him Hoover.
    I will definitely miss Hoover but I know that he isn't gone he just moved and that someday in the future I will make sure to go and visit him. So thank you Hoover for all the great times so far and I'll be thinking of you. Until Next Time, Love You -Holly



Cammie sends this:

 I mentioned to Dana that I thought it might be nice to have a memorial golf tourney in Hoov's name with proceeds going to his favorite places.  He said he was going to bring it up at the paddle game but I haven't heard back and thought we might want to post the idea and see if there was any interest and, if so, organize a team to set it in motion.  I am in NC and not able to do any foot work but would be happy to send announcements and track participants, etc.  I would also like to play!  Hoov would like this idea, I think......




From Kathy Herlihy-Paol:

I am very sad to here about Hoover's passing.  I guess it was probably 1972, I remember going to the stock car races at the state fair in Danbury with Hoover and a bunch of other basketball players and Staples kids, I remember Eric and Mark Potious, Bill Marks, and Nancy Corrigan being there, I forget who else.  We always had fun and always seemed to find our way back to Westport via Port Chester!  I probably stopped in at Hoover's after his accident for about 10 years, very sporadically though, when I was in town.  I have lived in Missoula, Montana for 13 years now.  Though work brings me to NYC every so often I rarely make it back to Westport.   When I first moved to Montana my first Fedex delivery was made by Bill Marks!  He said he saw the name on the package and though it wasn't his regular route, he had to see if it was me.  I think Hoover would like to know this, maybe Bill told him.   I will always have very fond memories of Hoover, he had a great spirit!



From Mark Cizynski :

Maybe you can create a seperate page & title it Hoover Meets the Knicks you know how much he loved the Knicks, these are from 78 or 79. Me, Hink & Hoov went to the Garden. These pix have 4 Hall of Famers & if you take Hink's picture with Earl Monroe Hoover will, be with 5 Hall of Famers-pretty impressive. . Most guys our age will remember them but if you want names for the players let me know. The man in the gray suit is Dick McGuire, former Knick then head scout for 20+ yrs for them. I know him & that is how we got the tix & visit the locker room.  I found these & I believe the only pix Hoov has with NY Knicks.  We made a pit stop in Port Chester on the way home.1979,I think.